What kind of flower symbolises love?

What flower symbolizes love

Bouquet of carefully chosen beautiful and fragrant blooms? Is there any better present for your better half? We don't think so! Flowers continue to be one of the most popular gifts to loved ones, and it's hardly a surprise. However, we should remember that not every type of bloom has the same meaning. So which ones to choose when you're considering buying some flowers as a romantic gesture? Let's find out!

Types of flowers that symbolize love

Red Rose

What flower represents love better than red roses? These gorgeous blooms simply had to open our list! It is an absolute classic and the most obvious choice when you want to portray romance, passion, beauty, and perfection. Adding red roses to your bouquet surely will be a masterstroke.

Red Rose Flowers symbolize love

Blue Violet Flowers symbolize love

Blue Violet

If you're wondering what flower symbolizes love and faithfulness, you should reach for blue violets. These stunning blossoms are a perfect representation of trustworthiness, affection, intuition, and love. Add them to your bouquet and create a romantic gift for your other half.


Tulips are another classic choice, and it's no wonder why! These gorgeous flowers of love are the quintessence of elegance. It's worth remembering that they are not only for celebrating Mother's Day or Easter - red variety is also strongly associated with perfect love as well.

Tulip Flowers represent love

Lilac Flowers represent love


Lilac is yet another excellent choice for a loved one, and depending on the colour of the flower, it can have slightly different meanings. The magenta version represents romance and passion. Meanwhile, purple symbolizes first love or a beginning of love, and this makes it a fabulous gift for new couples.


Of course, our list wouldn't be complete without Forget-Me-Nots. Why? Because their meaning is true love! As the name suggests, these delicate little blue blooms also inform the receiving person that the sender wants to be remembered by them forever. 

Forget-Me-Not Flowers represents love

Peony Flowers symbolize love


Peonies are often used in wedding bouquets, and it is not a coincidence as they are also flowers of love. These delicate and elegant blooms symbolize romance, prosperity, and bashfulness as well.

Yellow Daffodil

Another flower meaning love? It's Yellow Daffodil! If you present your other half with a composition filled with these sunny flowers, you will inform them of your respect and unmatched love. These bright flowers are also the ideal gift for a 10th anniversary.

Yellow Daffodil Flowers symbolize love

White Dittany Flower symbolizes love

White Dittany

Adding White Dittany to your bouquet will carry the meaning of love and passion. This sophisticated flower will be a marvellous gift for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, a birthday, or any special occasion. It's worth mentioning that White Dittany is supposed to act as an aphrodisiac, which makes it a perfect present for your significant other.


Jasmine is well known for its beautiful fragrance, but it's also a flower that can be used to represent feelings of sweet love and sensuality, which indicates it can be a fabulously romantic gift to your partner. Additionally, it carries the meaning of elegance, nobility, and grace as well.

Jasmine Flowers symbolize love