Winter bouquet flowers

Winter bouquet flowers

Winter, even though it’s the coldest season in the year, still offers plenty of beautiful and aromatic blooms that can be a part of stunning floral arrangements. The use of seasonal plants is not only sustainable but also a more affordable option. Which winter bouquet flowers are the most popular nowadays?

winter bouquet flowers

Focus on Birth Month Flowers

When talking about a winter flowers bouquet, we have to include birth flowers, which are correlated with winter months. Not only are these blooms in season, but they also have an additional meaning if you use them on the right date. The main December flower is narcissus, a beautiful white bloom that has a trumpet-like centre. It symbolises hope, sweetness, wealth, and good fortune. December is also commonly linked with holly, a shrub most often used in hedges. However, around the holidays, it also becomes a symbol of protection and part of many festive winter flowers bouquets.

winter flowers bouquets

Bloom recommended for January floral arrangements is Carnation, a gorgeous flower that is available in many shades of pink, red and white. It represents feelings of love, admiration and distinction, which means it will be an excellent choice for the celebration of personal or professional successes of your loved ones, such as promotions or housewarming parties. Because Carnation blooms in wintertime, it’s a fresh and seasonal favourite for various floral arrangements. February, the last month of winter, is associated with Violet, a highly aromatic bloom that can thrive even in harsh conditions. Sounds like a superb flower for midwinter, right? On top of that, it symbolises courage, loyalty, virtue, wisdom, faith and thoughtfulness.

Select winter blooms

Which other blooms will be highly favoured for a winter bouquet of flowers? You may choose from an extensive list that includes Allium, Amaryllis, Anemones, Astilbe, Carnations, Crabapple, Chrysanthemums, Daffodils, Eucharis, Eryngium, Fritillaria, Gypsophila, Hyacinths, Jasmine, Lisianthus, Lilac, Muscari, Narcissi, Ranunculus, Roses, Spray Roses, Snowdrops, Stephanotis, White Hydrangeas and others.

winter bouquet flowers

winter bouquet flowers


Add seasonal greenery

Because there are fewer winter bouquet flowers than during other months, floral arrangements in this season are often decorated with foliage. Adding non-floral elements to the composition can give it a unique twist and create a stunning design. Greenery featured in bouquets includes Alder, Asparagus foliage, Eucalyptus, Holly, King Protea, Mistletoe, Mimosa, Rosehips, Rosemary, Silver Brunia, and various berries, to name a few.


How about winter wedding flowers?

Many brides decide to choose a winter bouquet of flowers for their weddings as well. If you want to stay true to tradition and select a white floral arrangement, then we have a few ideas. For example, you can mix white Roses and Ranunculus with Queen Anne's Lace, Anemones and Jasmine. Another stunning combination includes Dusty Miller, Anemones, Roses, and berries and is decorated with Silver Brunia. Of course, you can achieve a winter feel with much more colours too. Reach for an arrangement with white and red Roses, Fritillaria, Clematis, Ranunculus and topped off with winter berries.

Which winter bouquet of flowers will you choose?