Bellingham The Bernard Series Chenin Blanc

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Old Vine Chenin Blanc - White South African Wine

The gnarled bark and weathered stems of these old bush vines are a statement to the age old saying "good things come to those who wait."

From the 40-year old vines, through the 12 month maturation, to your hands, it truly is Time that has been the master craftsman of this wine.

Our founder, Bernard Podlashuk, is celebrated for his daring vision, adventurous approach and creative risks that helped shape the course of South African wine. His tenacity and innovative flair inspired this Chenin Blanc, a thoroughly contemporary, elaborately intricate wine with a compelling individualistic character that reflects the tremendous history of some of the oldest bush vines in the Cape. Handpicked and naturally fermented to preserve the opulent tropical fruit flavours with hints of honey and oak spice on the finish.

Wine of Coastal Region, South Africa

Pack size: 750ml