Calathea Roseopicta Zebrina in Pot

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These plants are bought for their spectacular foliage, and top air purifying qualities - wow! Calathea zebrina is a moderately fast growing houseplant

Calathea Zebrina  has distinctive, ornamental leaves with bright green zebra-like stripes on a velvety dark green background. Leaf undersides are a reddish-purple colour. This  Calathea a moderately fast growing houseplant will add a bold, colourful and highly decorative element to your houseplant collection.


It is also known for its air purifying qualities which makes the Calathea a very healthy houseguest. The Calathea is ideal for removing toxins from the air, making a home healthier and more relaxing. The Calathea even likes to chill with you, enjoying your music, especially sound waves with low frequencies, random but true.


Product Contains :

- Calathea Zebrina

- Ceramic  Pot

- Free Message Card 


We have this plant in two different sizes