Ficus Microcarpa 95cm

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The Ficus Microcarpa tree is an original gift for special occasions!

Ficus Microcarpa is a tree with shiny, slightly elongated, dark green leaves. Its main decoration is thick and twisted air roots, reminiscent of ginseng root. The bark is dark gray with whitish insets.

This tree would be a real show stopper in a home or office environment.

Special moments need an original setting. Mother's Day, name day, birthday, birth of a child - for these and many other occasions you need a gift that will not only appeal to the recipient, but also help you express warm feelings and say how important your loved one is to you. We know that finding a sophisticated gift is not easy, that's why we meet you. Thanks to us, you can make your loved ones happy with a gift that will really surprise them. Give a tree grown with love and packed with attention to every detail. 


Join a wide group of fans of our trees and give them to someone you love, whom you want to thank or congratulate or simply wish the best!


Product Contains :

Ficus Microcarpa 95cm

- Ceramic  Pot

- Free Message Card