Grahams Quinta Dos Malvedos Port

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  • Member of Leading Wine Families Primum Familiae Vini
  • Produced at Quinta Dos Malvedos, one of the Douro's historic Quintas and Home of Graham's Finest Port for over a century.The magnificent terraces of Quinta dos Malvedos rise steeply from the Douro River's north bank. This is one of the region's greatest vineyards and is superbly situated at the eastern end of the Alto Douro. Malvedos is predominantly south facing but with varied microclimates as the terraces follow the natural contours of the mountains and its vines produce exceptional wines with intense concentration. All the grapes are vinified in 'lagares' at the estate's own small winery. Malvedos wines are bottled after two years so that they age slowly, gaining in complexity and elegance. This wine should be decanted before serving.

    Quinta dos Malvedos

    Vintage Port

    In 1890 William and John Graham acquired Quinta dos Malvedos and created one of the Douro Valley's finest estates. The Douro region is the largest area of mountain vineyard and also the oldest demarcated wine-growing region anywhere in the world. The terraced vineyards, schist soils, cold winters and hot, dry summers make the Douro region a unique and impressive wine region, which now has UNESCO World Heritage status.

    The property's 89 hectares of vineyard produce Ports renowned for their balance, elegance and complexity as well as for their ability to age. Floral, eucalyptus and mint aromas have been the hallmarks of the wines made at Graham's Quinta dos Malvedos for over 100 years.

    The Symington family, whose ancestry in Port dates back to the 17th century, today owns W & J Graham's. The five Symington members who currently work in the family business are personally responsible for every aspect of Graham's winemaking.

    Pack size: 750ml