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Our assortment also includes a box that consists of nuts and other additives. This box is designed for people who like flowers less and more about accessories. This arrangement is perfect for any occasion.

During this Christmas time, it is also worth giving a loved one something like this to impress them with something unusual! Various types of nuts add charm to the whole composition. A good alternative for those who need something other than a regular flower bouquet. We carry out orders all over the UK, but also ship abroad.


We have 3 box sizes:

- Small (about 1.2 kg of nuts + additives)

- Medium (about 2 kg of nuts + additives)

- Large (3 kg of nuts + additives)


Box contains

- Different types of nuts: e.g. walnuts, almonds

- Catkin

- Box


 Please note the box pictured is the small size