Plant in the Basket

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Our offer includes 3 different plant in basket with delivery to the customer.

Whether you're starting your plant family or adding to it, these hand-selected easy plants are perfect for less-than-ideal conditions. Each of these three plants is incredibly easy, will adapt to nearly any available light, and are extremely forgiving. Their easy-going nature makes them perfect for office spaces or home.

Floral arrangements with this baskets add to the loveliness in your home,  perfect for table, wall decoration or accenting decor.

This arrangement from various plantations will be a great gift for a close friend or friend. It is suitable for various occasions, such as birthdays, especially if you want to surprise.


size: 25Ø x 42cm


Product Contains :

- Mix plant

- Basket  

- Free Message Card 


* the product comes as shown in the picture.