Engagement Flowers - Bouquet Types

Engagement is one of the most special moments in life. Apart from buying a unique ring and preparing a speech that will amaze your significant other, you should also think about flowers that will make the occasion more magical. What are the most popular engagement bouquet types and how to choose flowers that will help you express your feelings? Keep reading!

Engagement Ring and Flowers

Engagement flowers - why are they important?

Are you wondering whether it's worth investing in engagement flowers? After all, the ring is bought, you have rehearsed your speech, the entire proposal plan is ready, but it seems to you that something is missing - what is it?

There aren't too many women that would state they don't like flowers. Adequately chosen engagement bouquet flowers can be the real icing on the cake that makes this special moment even more romantic and spectacular. If you are wondering what flowers for an engagement gift are the most suitable, keep reading our article to discover five ideas that may inspire you.

5 engagement bouquet ideas

Before choosing engagement flowers appropriate for the occasion, you should consider the time of the year, as it's worth going for a fresh, seasonal bouquet that consists of flowers typical of summer, autumn, or spring. What are the most popular engagement bouquet ideas?

Red Roses Engagement Flowers

1. Red roses

It's a real classic. Red roses are the most obvious and at the same time the most prestigious flower type. Apart from being a great gift complementing the ring, you can use their mesmerising petals to decorate the place where you're planning to propose.

2. Alstroemerias

These flowers symbolise wealth, abundance, success, and friendship. A bouquet of alstroemerias expresses important qualities of companionship and financial security. They have captivating, delicate petals, and you can use them to compose a colourful bouquet or mix them with other flowers to create a more subtle combination.

Alstroemerias Engagement Flowers

Daffodils Engagement Flowers

3. Daffodils

Daffodils may not be an obvious choice when thinking about flowers for engagement.

However, it's worth noting that they symbolise new beginnings, rebirth, and mutual affection. If you want to show your beloved one that you have great hopes for the future, this is the right fit for you. Daffodils are ideal spring engagement flowers.

4. Lilies of the Valley

Lilies of the valley are traditional wedding flowers that symbolise purity, prosperity in marriage, love, and happiness. If you are looking for subtle, delicate flowers that express humility and sweetness, this engagement bouquet idea will surely meet your preferences.

Lilies of the Valley - Flowers for Engagement

Tulips Flowers for Engagement

5. Tulips

Similarly, daffodils, tulips are unique spring flowers. If you are planning an elegant, official proposal, a pastel tulip bouquet will ideally complement the scenery and will bring a smile to the face of your significant other.

Engagement bouquet flowers

Engagement bouquet flowers are a must-have during this special moment. If you want to amaze your beloved one, choose less popular types such as daffodils, lilies of the valley, peonies, orchids, or sweet peas. Make sure that you buy an engagement bouquet made of flowers that are not only beautiful but can also help you express your feelings.

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