How to dry a bouquet of flowers?

We often want to enjoy a beautiful bouquet of flowers as long as possible. Sometimes, we want to preserve a wedding bouquet, sometimes just a present from our beloved. One of the ways to do that is by drying the flowers and decorating our house with them. But, how to dry a bouquet? We will explain it here, so let’s delve into this topic together!

how to dry a bouquet of flowers

how to dry a bouquet of flowers

The beauty of dried flowers

Before explaining how to dry a flower bouquet, we should first have an insight on why to do it. Dried flowers are a wonderful house decoration – they look astounding and remind us of the person who gifted us the bouquet. It is an excellent option to commemorate an act of love or friendship. Especially, since dried flowers last for 2–3 years, if taken care of properly.

Dried flowers will preserve their colour. They will be as beautiful a year after as they were in the moment of drying. This is why drying flowers is an excellent way of preserving them.

How to dry a bouquet of flowers?

There are many ways to dry a bouquet of flowers. Some are simple, other require more preparation. Let’s see how you can dry a flower bouquet on your own.

In the microwave

While it might not be the best solution, it is possible to dry flowers in a microwave. So, how to dry a bouquet of flowers in a microwave? Here is a short overview:

  • Cut the leaves and blooms as you desire (make sure that they fit into the microwave).
  • Put your flowers inside, on a paper towel or a cotton rag and cover them with the same material.
  • Put a heavy dish (microwave-safe) on top of the flowers.
  • Turn on the microwave for 90 seconds, on half-power.
  • Turn on the microwave for 90 seconds, on half-power.

how to dry flower bouquet

how to dry a flowers

By traditional pressing

The most common way of drying flowers is by pressing. All you need for it is a heave book along with a wax paper or parchment. What to do next?

  • Put the flowers on the wax paper/parchment. Make sure they don’t overlap.
  • Put the heavy book on the flowers
  • Leave for 1-1.5 weeks

This method might take some time, yet it is guaranteed to work. Plus, the effects will be truly beautiful, and it does not require any extraordinary items, thus we strongly recommend it.

Freeze-dry them

While this method requires a freeze-dryer, the effects are breathtaking. For it to work, you need to:

  • Cut the flower stems and leaves
  • Place the flowers in water at least 12 before freezing
  • Put them into the freeze-dryer

If you do not own a freeze-dryer, don’t worry. There are many professionals that will take care of this step for you, helping you preserve the wedding anniversary flowers or baby shower flowers for years. Just make the preparations from the first two steps, and then bring them to your expert florist.

dry bouquet of flowers

The takeaway

There is more than one option of how you can dry a bouquet of flowers. Some are easy and simple, some are time-consuming, some require professional equipment – it is your choice to make. Nevertheless, drying flowers is a great way to preserve their beauty for years, so do not hesitate to do it.

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