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How to make cut flowers last longer?

Fresh flowers are the loveliest decoration for any interior - they create not only a wonderful scent but also bring a nice vibe to the place. Beautiful, big bouquets of flowers are not cheap though - if you would like to keep them attractive for as long as possible, it is worth taking proper care of them. How to take care of cut flowers so that the leaves stay green, vivid and healthy for as long as possible? Which techniques should be used - both professional and home ones - to make flowers last longer? Below you can find some tips on this subject.

How to make cut flowers last longer

Fresh flowers - how to treat them

As already mentioned, fresh flowers are not the most long-lasting. They wilt and dry up quite quickly, and therefore, if improperly tended, they tend to look unesthetic after only 2-3 days. The green turns yellow, flowers, unbloomed buds and leaves wither and drop. Such a view is not the most attractive one. In order to avoid it, it is worth taking proper care of plants. There are several ways to keep flowers fresh longer.

The best method, which is not only recommended but also necessary, is to take care of flowers on a daily basis, checking their condition and taking immediate action when the first signs of rotting or drying out are observed.

How to make flowers last longer

Stem pruning

The first rule to remember when caring for fresh flowers is to trim them regularly. Many people fear that this doesn't help, but it does - regular trimming of about 1-2 cm is helpful. This should be done with pruning shears, and the tips should be cut at an angle. Such shaping of the branch prevents the flowers from standing upright, and as a result, they do not rot and spoil. Also note that their increased surface area makes the stems absorb more and more water. This should be done in the morning or evening, as lower temperatures minimize the risk of moisture loss. What else can be done to keep flowers fresh for longer?

Stem prunning to keep flowers fresh longer


People who wonder how to make their flowers last even longer should remember that watering is extremely important. It is worth remembering to change the water regularly, every two days maximum. It is also important to thoroughly clean the vase - stale, spoiled water can quickly result in rotting plants. It is important to keep the water at the right temperature - it cannot be too hot or too cold - preferably room temperature.

Watering to keep flowers fresh longer

Checking the condition of buds and leaves

In the daily care of cut flowers, it is also very important to regularly check the condition of buds and leaves and to trim them. This is one way to keep cut flowers fresh longer. Do not forget that stems submerged in water are free of leaves - they should be cut off, because they rot quickly when in contact with the liquid. The same rule should be applied to all other dead plant parts - they not only spoil faster, but also stop the flowers from blooming.

Checking condition to keep cut flowers fresh longer

Where to place fresh cut flowers?

Wondering how to make cut flowers last longer in a vase, make sure they are placed where needed. It is very important that they are not exposed to strong sunlight - too high external or internal temperature (central heating) can lead to drying of plants. You should also take into account the air circulation - contrary to appearances, this kind of flowers can also be affected by drafts and cold blasts. As a curiosity, let's mention that fresh flowers placed near fruit also spoil faster - it is caused by ethylene compounds produced by food.

Avoid sun and high temperature to keep flowers fresh longer

How to make flowers last longer using home methods?

A good way to make cut flowers last longer is to use fertilizers - products which, in the right proportions, are dissolved in water. Not only do they help make them last longer, but also positively affect their look or purify water. If you do not have access to the mentioned products, you can use some home remedies - apple cider vinegar and sugar. Vinegar eliminates bacteria and microbial growth, while sugar strengthens and nourishes flowers. Aspirin can also prove useful - it changes the reaction of water to acidic, and such conditions are beneficial to plants.

Home methods to make flowers last longer

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