The meaning of tulip flowers

Our association with tulips is spring. They are flowers which men very often bestow upon women on the day of their March holiday, Women's Day. They come in many colours which makes every woman find tulips for herself among various proposals. Each flower has its own symbolism. And what do tulips mean? Learn about the meaning of a tulip depending on its colour.

The meaning of tulip flowers

The meaning of tulip flowers

They decorate our gardens, spring tables, but most of all are inscribed in the landscape of the Netherlands, where we can admire the vast areas covered with these flowers in different colours. The meaning of tulips can be very diverse. It is a symbol of many events, feelings, and qualities. Among them is lasting love, not only between partners, but also other family members. At the same time, tulips are attributed with the symbol of neglected and impermanent love. It is also the flower of prosperity and abundance, and some believe that it is also the 11th wedding anniversary. So, as you can see, the meaning of the tulip flower, is not only very broad but also extremely diverse.


Tulips flowers meaning


Meaning of white tulips

The meaning of white tulips

By gifting the other person with white tulips, we are saying "I'm sorry". This way we can also express our condolences. White tulips meaning made these flowers appear among others in funeral wreaths. They are also attributed with the symbol of holiness and purity. Some associate them with celebrations such as the First Communion and Baptism.

The meaning of yellow tulips

The meaning of yellow tulips is related to rejected and unrequited love. Giving them to a woman may be a signal for her lack of interest. More and more often they are attributed with more positive symbolism. Yellow tulips also represent happiness, joy, and hope. According to the Victorian belief, yellow tulips literally meant "there is sunshine in your smile".

Meaning of yellow tulips

Meaning of red tulips

The meaning of red tulips

Red has always symbolized love. The same is true for the meaning of red tulips. They represent them. By giving them to a woman, we are saying "what I feel for you is real". Moreover, red tulips refer to passion. If we buy them for someone, it can also mean that we are fascinated by the other person, we admire and appreciate them for what they do and what kind of person they are.

The meaning of pink tulips

Pink also means love, but less desire than red. The meaning of pink tulips strongly relates to this beautiful feeling. These are flowers, which will certainly be very good in youthful, carefree love. It is worth deciding on them if a great feeling is being born between two people. They are also perfect as a gift for someone close, but not the other half, so for family members and friends.

Meaning of pink tulips

Meaning of purple tulips

The meaning of purple tulips

The colour purple strongly refers to royalty. We can associate it with the king and queen, as well as wealth and prosperity. It is the same with purple tulips. Choose them if you wish the other person wealth, want happiness in prosperity for them. The meaning of purple tulips is prosperity and luxurious life.

The meaning of the tulip flower is therefore strongly dependent on its colour. It can mean love, friendship, and happiness, but also compassion, sadness, and jealousy. It is always better to know the symbolism of flowers because we never know what meaning it has for the person being gifted.

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