What flowers are safe for pets? List of poisonous flowers for cats and dogs to avoid

Our pets are more than just our friends – they are a part of our family. We truly care about them and aim to protect them from any harm. This is why, although we love flowers, we need to choose them carefully – we wouldn’t like to put our dogs or cats in danger. But, what flowers are pet-friendly and safe for our tail-wagging friends? We will answer this question here, so we encourage you to read on.

What flowers are safe for pets?

Let’s begin with the list of pet-friendly flowers. Many of the popular ones are indeed fine to have at home when living with a dog or cat. So, what flowers are safe for your furry companions?

pet friendly flowers

  • Roses  These classic flowers are perfectly safe for dogs and cats. Do not worry about the thorns – your four-legged friend knows how to avoid them, so they won’t cause any harm. After all, roses are often gifts from our beloved, so it is wonderful that they are safe for pets too!

  • Orchids – Similarly to roses, these flowers also symbolize love. The meaning is much deeper since you now know that they are also pet–friendly – your partner can express their love through them both to you and your furry friend.
  • Snapdragons – Your cheerful pet often has much more energy than a dragon, yet snapdragons will be the best flowers for both you and them.

  • Sunflowers – We usually associate these wonderful black-and-yellow flowers with spring. Yet, these South American plants are also safe for dogs and cats, making them an ideal choice for any person who owns a beloved pet.

  • Lisianthus – Colourful lisanthus bouquets are a way to make any person happy. Combine that with the fact that they are pet-friendly, and you get the perfect type of flowers for any occasion, regardless of whether somebody lives with a cat or dog.
  • What flowers should your pets avoid?

    Having listed the pet safe flowers, we now need to focus on the other type – poisonous flowers that your cats or dogs should avoid. The ones on our list are toxic to your furry friends, so under no circumstances should you bring them home. Which flowers do you need to avoid?

    what flowers are pet friendly

  • Tulips – While tulips are a popular gift, both for more romantic occasions and various holidays, they can cause a lot of harm to your cat. They contain alkaloid and glycoside which can cause severe damage to your furry little-ones. Every part of these flowers, from the petals to the stem, is harmful, so do not bring them home if you live with a cat.
  • what flowers are pet safe

    • Daffodils – While we associate daffodils with beautiful spring fields, they are excessively toxic to dogs. The bulbs are the most dangerous element, yet even drinking the water from a daffodil vase might end up in a tragedy for your dog.

    pet safe flowers

  • DaisiesThis flower is not that dangerous as the previous ones, yet it still may cause damage if consumed by your pets in high amounts. Nevertheless, it is known for irritating cats and dogs, so it would be wise to avoid placing daisies in your home or garden, if you care about your pets.
  • Final thoughts

    Many popular flowers are pet-friendly, yet numerous are not. You should not stop at learning the kinds of flowers yourself. Instead, educate your friends and loved ones. At some point, it may save a dog’s or cat’s life.

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