When is the peony season?

Peonies are mesmerising flowers that enjoy great popularity across the world. They are frequently used to make wedding bouquets, they decorate our houses, have outstanding scent and amaze with their colours. When are peonies in season? Keep reading!

Peony season

What should you know about peonies?

Peonies are unique flowers that amaze with their delicate shade, scent, and elegance. They are available in more than 30 species and love moderate climates such as in the southern and eastern parts of Europe. These plants are usually classified as perennials, or shrubs. The latter ones are much taller and can reach up to 4 metres.

When is peony season

Captivating peonies stand out thanks to their sizable blooms that can have from 8 to even 20 centimetres in diameter. The round, symmetric petals look like they are arranged in a mandala. Although peonies come in various colours, the most popular shades include pink, red, purple and white.

Peonies have been cultivated as ornamental plants since the 4th century. Originally, they were found in the Far East and only then they were transported to Europe. Today, they adorn our gardens and houses. Peonies are frequently chosen by brides dreaming about a fresh and subtle wedding bouquet. Although at first, they were considered poisonous plants, it turned out that they have medical properties, and their leaves can be used to make infusions.

So, when are peonies in season? Let's find out when you can buy these precious, pinkish flowers!

When is the peony season?

The peony flower season is extremely short and lasts for only two months. You can buy peonies in May and June. If you aren't interested only in blooms, you can purchase perennials or shrubs and plant them in your garden.

How to cultivate peonies?

Since you know when the peony season is, you may want to find out how to cultivate these plants. Peonies are extremely popular thanks to the ornamental, large flowers and a variety of colour variants. However, their cultivation can be challenging. Fortunately, there are a few tips that make the task easier.

If you want to grow beautiful peonies, you should remember about the following factors:

  • The soil - pick a place to plant your peony shrub. Fortunately, peonies aren't too demanding when it comes to cultivation location. Most often, they are planted next to fences or gazebos. However, they can do well in many other types of environments as well. All you need to do is to ensure that the place has some sunlight. Soil for peonies should have a neutral pH.
Stages of peony blooms
Peony care
  • The care - peonies should be fertilised in early spring and autumn. This will allow you to enjoy more impressive blooms. Avoid products with high nitrogen content, instead use those full of phosphorus and potassium. Water the plant once a week from early spring until September or October.

The peony season - the takeaway

Peonies are mesmerising plants that are willingly chosen by romantic souls looking for subtle and elegant blooms. The peony flower season is comparatively short, so it's worth making most of it when it comes!

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